Friday, May 8, 2009


I really was planning on posting every day this month, but I had to get a loan on my computer and now I am without it and am very lonely. Man, it is amazing how dependent we get on these things. I have been having internet withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, intense cravings to read blogs of any sort, finger cramps (from not working them out by typing), my butt doesn't have that constant tingly feeling in it like when I have sat in front of the computer all day, and my eyes don't burn as much. Oh how I miss the tingly butt and the burning eyeballs!! Somebody help me!! Anyhow, I found a way to at least keep the withdrawals to a minimum, the apartment complex computers!! Not always reliable, but that's ok. At least I can get a quick fix when I'm starting to climb the walls. Anyhow, I know with ya'lls support I can make it through this very difficult time in my computer addiction. Take care and I'll post again soon!!

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  1. Lou said...
    When I first stated blogging, I put it on myself that I would post every day. I felt like people would stop reading if I didn't (LOL)
    What it did was take all the fun out of blogging. I felt like it was a 2nd job. I was staying up all night trying to come with "new material."
    Finally, I said screw it, I'll blog when I can!
    Anyway, hope you get a computer in the house. Public computers SUCK!

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